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Keep up - The Paar Kitchen Solutions

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

There are many appliances, cabinets, desks and tables in our houses. When they are placed at some place we don’t tend to move them for quite long times. What happens is that they remain for the same position and then spoil the tiles and flooring over a course of time. This leaves stains and dirt under the tables and cabinets. People try placing paper, clothes etc under the base to avoid such problems. But more often than not they don’t help. This is what prompted us to come up with a solution to solve all problems. The solution that we found is termed as “keep up”.
The keep up is a kind of stand that be placed under any of the above mentioned things. This will prevent your tiles from getting spoilt and also will not leave any stains. The keep up raises the things to a height of about 3 inches from the ground. This helps you to clean the space under the desks and also maintain the cleanliness. Some of the refrigerators have thin bases and some of the desks have big bases. The keep up is made of a universal size. No matter what the size of the base is you can still use it to keep it under the base.
The keep up is made of plastic which is about 3 inches in height. It is strong enough and durable and doesn’t even break under the heavy load of the fully loaded refrigerator or a fully loaded cabinet of cupboard. The keep up not only helps in raising the cabinets to a height but also gives a new look to the existing equipments. Also you get this product in variety of colors and you can suit according to your choice. This is also very light weight and hence can be easily carried from one room to another.
The keep up has many advantages of its own. When you raise the cabinet you tend to make space under it. You can place some normal stuff under it and also clean it as per your convenience. It gives a new look to the cabinets as well. Keep up really keeps up to the expectations of the users.

Salt And Pepper Dispenser

Wednesday, 6 March 2013
The process of cooking requires a lot of dedication and concentration. One single mistake can completely spoil the dish and make it inconsumable. But the dangers are not always so grave. Many simple mistakes can also be rectified even after the dish is fully prepared.  For example you can add salt if it is found to be less, you can add chili powder if you don’t find it spicy enough and so on. We designed a product tailor made for such instances. The product is a very innovative, attractive and beautiful salt and pepper dispenser.
Salt And Pepper Dispenser

A food is never complete without love and salt. The next most important thing is the pepper. Unless if it’s a sweet dish or a dessert. Pepper gives the food spicy taste and makes it a whole lot better. The taste is and individual attribute and cannot be deduced as a common preference. One person might like the dish to be less spicy while the other might want it spicier. Most of the times the dishes are prepared with bare minimum requirements and the person eating it might make it good enough.  
The salt and pepper dispenser is small and very artistic. It will not only decorate your dining table but also serve it purpose well. Its transparent and clear glass design makes it even more attractive. It is very easy to use kind of stuff. The plastic is strong and can handle minor impacts. It gives clear view of the quantity of the salt or pepper left. If the stuff gets over it can easily be opened and refilled. The dispensers can be used to serve variety of products like garam masala, chili powder and chat masala. The design whole look of the dispenser is very eye catching.
The ease and the design of the dispenser have really made it one of the most favorite buys from our products. The salt and pepper dispenser always adds sparkle in your kitchen and makes your work hassle free.

Egg Slicer

Eggs and meat Is one of the most common non vegetarian diet that we have in our day to day life. From that eggs are more important part of our diet as it is very healthy and high in proteins. We do have eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most people prefer to have eggs for breakfast. So we have introduced a brand new innovative product called egg slicer which is used to slice boiled eggs. It helps in serving your breakfast is a beautiful manner and make it very attractive to the person to whom it is served.
Egg Slicer

Generally the breakfast is served in the old fashioned style where you boil the eggs and serve it in the plate. That is not appealing to the person to whom it is served. Egg slicer changes the whole scenario. The egg slicer cuts the egg in equal parts and looks elegant in the plate.
 The egg slicer is made of ABS Plastics and stainless steel wire. The stainless steel wire is corrosion resistant. The wires are very thin. The egg slicer is soap shaped box which can be opened from the middle. The egg is to be placed in the middle of the case and then the lid is to be closed on the egg. The blades on the lid cut the egg in many thin and small equal parts. The egg slicer case is made of hard plastic. It can also be cleaned very easily under the flowing water or with some dry cloth. It is very compact and occupies very less space. This makes it easy to store and keep in any of the drawers or the utensils shelf.
The egg slicer is a small and new tool which can be a part of any modular kitchen. The egg slicer is available in only in rich white color. The ease of use and the effective cutting of the slicer have made it one of the famous buys from our list of products. Its small size and weight makes it easy to carry on picnics and outings. The egg slicer is defiantly a trendy tool to have it in your kitchen.

Chop wash

Monday, 4 March 2013

After our successful product called chop cut we bring to u a new, improved and yet innovative product called chop wash. Right from our school days the most common food etiquettes taught to us were-wash the food and hands before eating. That’s exactly what our focus was while designing chop wash. Many a times we need some vegetables in our food on urgent basis. They need to be chopped and washed quickly so that it can be added in the dish that we are preparing. The chop wash is the perfect option for such situations.
Chop wash
The chop wash comes with a design very similar to the chop cut with very interesting innovations. Using chop wash can help u accomplish two tasks simultaneously. The tasks like chopping the vegetables and washing them under the flowing. This utensil make your life very easy in the kitchen works and minimizes the efforts required to make your favorite dish. With the help of chop wash you can cut and variety of vegetables like ladies fingers, beans, etc. You can cut them with the blade and then collect it in the basket attached to the dish and wash them with utmost ease.
The chop wash is made with Plastic and the blades are made with stainless steel which is corrosion free. The chop wash is a flat board made of Plastic and mounted on it is the steel blade. Half of this board is made into a basket to collect the cut vegetables. The basket is like a net which easily allows the water to pass out along with the impurities in the vegetables. The blade can be rotated 360 degrees. The blade is a two sided blade and anyone side can be used based on the requirement. The other side of blade is a U shaped edge which is very similar to the chop cut. The blade comes with the plastic handle which is very easy and convenient to hold.
The chop wash is a little bigger in size than its counterpart- the chop cut. But it serves far more than chop cut. It easily fits into the kitchen desks and also need very less space as compared to the traditional cutting tools. The simple design and mild brown color gives it a very sophisticated look and adds beauty to your kitchen wares. It is defiantly one of the kitchen wares that you wouldn’t want to miss out.

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