We all have a variety of tools and utensils in your kitchen. We have peelers for peeling the vegetables and fruits; we have a chipper for making chips; we have a slicer for slicing vegetables and fruits. On first thought it all seems sensible, but on second thoughts we ask do we really need so many things in our kitchen? The answer is simple NO. Why do we stuff our kitchen with so many utensils when we need not do so?  The answer to this question is that we don’t have to. We have designed a one stop solution for the above mentioned activities. This is what we called the scrapper.
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The scrapper is a one stop solution to most of the activities like peeling, chipper, slicing, etc. The scrapper is a very important tool to do all the activities said before. It is a good replacement for as much as six different tools which are-scrapper, chipper, slicer, chopper and peeler. The scrapper can be used for scrapping dry fruits. The juicer can be used to cut carrots for extracting juice. The chipper and slicer can be used to make chips. The chopper can be used to cut fruits and the peeler can be used to peel the skin of different veggies.
The scrapper is made of Plastic and is very light weighing tool. The design is such that you can use it on both sides. That is a very nice quality about it, not even a single inch of space is wasted on the scrapper. On one side you have holes which are designed to act as scrapper, juicer and chipper. In the middle there is a slicer. In the bottom part there is a peeler and below it is the chopper. There is a big space at the top which acts as a handle while working with it and can be used to hang when not in use.
The multipurpose scrapper is an innovative yet very efficient tool and is a must in every kitchen. It not only scores high on the looks but also the functionality and the multi utility aspects of the scrapper. Also the dimensions are such that it will fit into very small spaces with utmost ease. The experience of using the scrapper will be new for sure.
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