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Monday, 25 February 2013
The process of cooking is incomplete without the process of heating it. But while heating many a times you have to change the utensils or lift the utensils which might be very hot and not be touched with naked hands. For such cases there are many tongs are available which we more popularly call as pakkads. The pakkad SS is one such pakkad specially designed to lift heavy utensils.

The pakkad or the tongs have been used traditionally for picking up utensils when they are very hot or don’t have proper handles to lift them up. The pakkads come in variety of materials they come in aluminum, steel, etc. the most widely used tongs are the steel tongs which are heavy duty and also have a very long life.
The pakkad SS is made in such a way that very heavily loaded utensils can be easily loaded. The teeth of the tongs can be easily fit into the utensils and get a firm grip on the utensil to lift it up. The pakkad SS is made of hard and stainless steel. The pakkad SS comes in two types one is 8mm thick steel and other is 9 mm thick steel. The later one is more capable of lifting heavy utensils. The rigid at the center is also very strong and can easily withstand all the weight.
The pakkad is a stainless steel product and can help a great deal in your kitchen. In spite of being strong and sturdy it is very light weight and can be very easy to use. It is one of the most preferred pakkad or the tongs available in the market only because of the light weight and the heavy weight lifting capacity.
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The Tomato Slicer!

Thursday, 14 February 2013
Tomatoes are the main ingredients used in most of the Indian Cuisine. It has a high nutritional value and is a rich source of Vitamin C; and hence it is included in salads as well. But are you tired of cleaning a messy kitchen after slicing Tomatoes?  If Yes, Do not worry! We have come up with a solution for your problems. We have launched a product called “The Tomato Slicer”.
The Tomato Slicer

The Tomato Slicer is a unique tool that can be used for slicing tomatoes accurately and easily. It is an effortless device that can be used by anyone.  It is basically divided in two parts: a) Base and b) Cutter. You place the tomatoes on the base and you use the cutter to slice them up.  The base is a tong like firm device which fits comfortably in your hand. The basic design of the base is such that it can hold tomatoes of varying sizes.  The cutter is basically a knife-like device consisting of eight blades. This cutter can also be used for other purposes like cutting boiled potatoes, etc.
As mentioned above, the Tomato Slicer is a two part device. The base is made up of strong ABS plastic material and can withstand impacts. The design of the base makes it easy to hold and carry. The handle of the cutter is combination of Plasic and rubber. The rubber grip doesn’t allow the cutter to slip out of sweaty or wet hands. The blades of the cutter are made up of stainless steel and they are corrosion resistant. The Tomato Slicer is a very light weight tool and also a clean tool which won’t make mess in your kitchen.  It can also be cleaned very easily under flowing water or with a dry cloth. For increasing the life of the tomato slicer all you have to do is wash it immediately after the use. This will make sure that you can use tomato slicer for many years to come. It doesn’t occupy much space and hence can be easily stored in drawers or can be hanged in the utensils shelf.
Tomato Slicer is also a compact device which can be carried easily for picnics or outdoor events. Tomato Slicer can be a jewel in your kitchen. It will save your time spent in the kitchen. It will turn the tedious process of salad making into a fun activity. So that, you can enjoy more time eating the salad rather than making it.

Gas Cylinder trolley

Tuesday, 29 January 2013
Gas cylinder is the most common type of fuel in India. The gas is supplied through pipes in some regions but gas cylinders are extensively used. One of the problems with the gas cylinders is the weight factor. It is not easy to transport the cylinders from one place to another even if it is from one room to another. It is even more difficult for ladies to shift the heavy weighing cylinders. Also when the cylinders are kept on the floor for long time they tend to leave marks on the tiles and also spoil the flooring. Keeping all these problems in mind we have come up with a product called cylinder trolley.
Gas Cylinder trolley

The problem with the cylinders is faced mainly when the cylinders get empty and you have to handover it again to the supplier. It is a pretty difficult job to lift and shift that. Cylinder trolley helps you in transporting the heavy cylinder from one room to another with ease. The cylinder trolley can help elderly people, people with back problems, weak people and all those who have problems lifting heavy weights.
The trolley is a hard trolley round in shape and also fitted with wheels at the bottom.  The trolley is made of PP plastic with heavy duty Castor wheels. The wheels and trolley are fit enough to hold the heavy cylinders. The trolley also keeps the cylinders above the ground and hence the floor and the tiles don’t get any marks and tiles also don’t get spoilt. All the people who find problems in moving the cylinders can also move the cylinder with ease if it is mounted on the trolley. The trolley is in fact the boon for all.
The trolley was designed by keeping in mind all the age groups of people working in the kitchen. She may be an old lady or a young. None of them will face any problem while moving the cylinders. The long life of the trolley ensures that it will keep your life easy for a very long time.
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Apple Cutter - Kitchen Products in India

Monday, 7 January 2013
An apple a day keeps a doctor away. How often have we heard this line? Well this line is as true as ever. An apple is not only a great health fruit but also one of the most liked and preferred fruit as well. Apple is most of times served by cutting into vertical pieces. This sometimes cause some cuts of bruises on the hands. We defiantly don’t want you to suffer any such pains. Hence we have come up with a new instrument that will make your fruit cutting a far simple experience. Generally term that we use to describe it is the apple cutter but it can be used to cut a variety of fruits say-guava, pears, etc. It also saves a lot of time and keeps the user happy as well.
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Knives have almost been the reason for causing most of the injuries at home while cooking. That’s what we kept in mind while designing this product. The design of this apple cutter makes it very useful and efficient to use with maximum result and minimum of the efforts. The blades are designed in such a way that they are far from the fingers while applying the pressure to cut the fruits. The blades are arranged in a circular manner attached to a small ring in the centre. This ring of the blade is further connected to two handles which are raised above the blades on both the sides. This simplifies the process of exerting the pressure while cutting the fruits.
The blades are made from stainless steel and are corrosion resistant. The blades are strong (enough) and can easily cut the apple. The rest of the product is designed in the strong ABS Plastic which increases the life of the product. The most important aspect of this cutter is the design of the product. The raised handle gives it a new look and also makes it very simple to use.
It is also very easy to clean and free from any complexities. The blades and be washed with water with minimal touch. This reduces the risks of getting cuts. The handle can also be cleaned with some simple kitchen cloth. This is not it, you also get a cover for the blades which will cover the blades when not in use. This prevents your fingers from getting cut accidentally.
Our customers are everything for us. Hence with the help of our dedicated staff members we always try to come up with the new and latest designs that will help our customers in one way or the other.
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Chop Cut

Cutting, slicing, chopping are one of the most common activities performed in the kitchen. But they always come with great amount of danger and risks. The traditional tools used for the above mentioned activities were also difficult and risk prone. Most of the times it left a whole lot of mess and hence more works were added. To eliminate all this we came up with a product called Chop Cut which is a one stop solution to all the cutting activities. It comes with a board, a blade and a handle attached to the board. The blade is fit enough to cut almost any of the foodstuff that we find in our kitchen.
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Cutting things can be a difficult job especially when the vegetable is strong. The second worrying thing is the mess that is involved in the process. The chop cut easily eradicates both of the problems with its simple and innovative design. You can cut variety of things like cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. The chop cut minimizes the work and also keeps it very clean.
The chop cut is a simple plastic-fiber board which is pretty strong and cut resistant. The board is fitted with the blade which is fixed at one end and a circular handle on the other end. The blade can move 360 degrees. It is made of strong stainless steel and corrosion resistant. It is also two sided blade with. The usage of the particular side depends on the type of ingredient and requirements. The handle is made of plastic and very easy to hold. The handle can be used to cut the vegetables at very fast pace and simplify our job to a great extent. The other end of the blade can also be used to chop and slice.
The design of the chop cut also makes it very easy to clean and store. The board can be cleaned with water once the job is done. There is minimal contact with the blades. Also it can be stored in any of the drawers and it is very compact and takes very minimal place. Chop cut is a smart alternative to the orthodox cutting and slicing tools used in the kitchen. It will give a new definition to the cutting process involved in the cooking.

Grater - Latest Kitchen Appliances

Cooking is one of the oldest activities being performed by the humans. Even after years of evolution in techniques, methods and cooking style it never far away from injuries. We have often heard about finger cuts, finger burns etc with the cooks. It is not because of carelessness but due to the complexity involved in some of the techniques and tools that we employ in cooking. Most of the injuries happen during the usage of knives, blades, scissors, etc. We at Avani enterprise try to solve the complexities involved in such process by introducing easy to use and efficient Kitchen Helping Tool which will make sure you enjoy cooking. Cooking is not a challenge but enjoying is what poses as a challenge.
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The main essence of our products is in the efficient design. The products are designed by keeping the customer in the mind so as to provide maximum of productivity with very minimal or no efforts. The grater is one of the fine examples of our design.
The big mouth type bucket helps the user to load the grater with the different stuff that he wants to grate. This also comes with a box attached below the bucket which helps in collecting the grated items. The blades used are stainless steel blades with non corrosion. There is no possibility of the user getting in contact with the blades and hence the chances of getting cut are none. All that the user needs to do is rotate the blade with the easy to hold handle provided at the outside of the box. This handle is also made with special material which cancels out any chance of slipping it from the hand.
One more important part of kitchen etiquettes is the cleanliness. Kitchen needs to be really clean and maintained because it the place where the food we eat is made and stored. Our product helps you on that front as well. There is absolutely no question of any spillage. It is small, compact and very easy to use. You can open the upper bucket and clean the blades and use it again and again.
Our graters boast the latest of the modern designs and it easily becomes a part of any modular kitchen. It is stylish and an exquisite tool. You can grate all kinds of items whether it is hard or soft. You can use it grate cashews, groundnuts, garlic, chilies. Our graters will make sure that you experience a feel good factor while grating.

Coconut scrapper - Kitchen Product

Friday, 14 December 2012
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Coconut is one of the main and basic ingredients of most of the south Indian dishes. The coconut does add a unique taste to the food. All said and done scrapping a coconut is not easy job. It is a dilemma when we have to use the coconut and don’t have an appropriate tool to scrap that. This dilemma was solved by our team and we came up with a very innovative tool to scrap the coconut and ease you with all your problems.
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The coconut is a tuff ingredient and takes lot of effort to get the coconut scrap. The traditional tools used for scraping where not very easy to use and also very inefficient. They were also accident prone. With the launch of our product called the coconut scrapper all the above mentioned issues will be a thing of the past. The coconut scrapper is like a small tool and connected to it is a scraper and on other side a handle. The scraping process can be easily performed with very minimal efforts and ease. The coconut scrapper has a vacuum base and holds the floor with firm grip. This in turn helps in maintaining the stability of the scrapper while scrapping the coconut and yields the best result.
 The scrapper is made of stainless steel body which is about 5-6 inches tall. At the top of the main body there are two hands in opposite direction. One hand is a scrapper and other is a handle to rotate the blades. You just have to hold the half cut coconut over the blades and rotate the blades with the help of the handle with your other hand. The movement of the scrapper will yield you the coconut scrap with ease. The handle is pretty easy to hold and doesn’t sleep out of hand. This is the main advantage of the handle on the scrapper. The blades of the scrapper are made of hard and corrosion resistant stainless steel which makes the scrapping process very smooth. One can place a bowl or a plate under the blades and can collect the coconut scrap. All this process is far more effective than the orthodox methods. The coconut scrapper also comes with a juicer attachment. The juicer attachment can be used to extract the juice from variety of fruits.So with one product you can do a variety of things.
The coconut scrapper has really simplified one of the complex jobs that we observe in kitchen. The juicer also gives a whole new dimension to the scrapper.  Coconut scrapper isn’t a nightmare anymore. It’s a fun job. Making a complex job fun and easy is our USP and we always try to improve it by providing you the best possible solutions.

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